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Weekly Tip

By November 26, 2015Uncategorized

Software Update Administration from ConfigMgr (the easy way)

I’ve seen ConfigMgr update administrators deploying updates to multiple collections, which can be time consuming. To simplify this, deploy updates to one collection of all servers or workstations (I would still do separate collections for these). Make sure that during the deployment, you do not tell the updates that they can run outside of maintenance windows. Then setup different collections for the servers and set the maintenance windows then. Even though the deployment is to a collection without a maintenance window, the machines will still not install updates and reboot until their assigned maintenance window.

Example collection structure:

All Server Updates      <– contains all servers in your environment, and where you deploy your Software Update group

Update Collection 1    <– contains first group of servers and maintenance window set for Monday at 2am

Update Collection 2    <– contains second group of servers and maintenance window set for Tuesday at 2am

Update Collection 3    <– contains third group of servers and maintenance window set for Wednesday at 2am